Do I have the courage..?

Long “forced” holiday…7 days.

And suddenly the craziest idea that ever crossed my mind… 7 days of backpacking to the middle of nowhere.

Oh God… if this doesn’t according to Your Blueprint of my life, you surely will never allow such a crazy idea to cross my mind, right?

Dizzy…excitement…rush of adrenaline.

But…do I have the courage…?

Do I have what it takes to start this?

Ahhhhh…  I think I’m going crazy.

Aiyooo…otoke…!? Otoke, Mr.J? Should I go…shouldn’t I go?

As we grow older, it’s not the things we did that we often regret

but the things we didn’t do.

Another thing that crossed my mind…. I absolutely….don’t want to regret of the things I didn’t do.

Hey, Mr.J…. I’ll be counting on You more then. Love U, J.


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