Unspoken words

For my special lady friend, this is what I want to say to you…

my unspoken words…

What happen to that passionate lady I once knew? 

Don’t get me wrong. I do happy for the new chapter in your life. I sincerely am.

But why? Why do I feel like your world suddenly stop spinning?

What happen to that girl who is dreaming touring around the world?

Why do you have to stop dreaming? 

What happen to that girl, an enthusiast girl who wants to study this and that?

Where is she?

Why do I feel like you’re making all those reasons to stop you on the track?

You said you have no time because of your children.

I said, because of your children, shouldn’t you be more courageous and be more passionate about your dreams, about your life.

Shouldn’t you show them how wonderful the life that their mother has?

That to have a dream, and courageously run after your dream is precious.

That to study this and that, and to study more and more is life’s award.

Shouldn’t you share your passion towards life with your children?

It’s your inheritance for them, isn’t it?

Compare to money, houses, cars, isn’t it more precious?

To encourage your children to have dreams, study lots of things, be more passionate, and to love life.

But in the end, I can only be still.

Just know this, no matter what happen, you are my friend.



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