Seoul, South Korea Agenda Dec2011/Jan2012

1. Eat jajangmyun (order using delivery line)

2. Eat ddokbooki (spicy rice cakes on a stall on the street)

3. Taste soju (Won 1000 per bottle, just one, make sure you don’t get drunk, and you drink it with your girlfriends)

4. Taste makgeolli (Rice wine, drink it with the special makgeolli glass)

5. Go to Jejudooooo…perhaps snorkeling if it’s possible

6. Go to Seo Byun’s garden apartment.

7. Go to at least one of this shows (MusicBank, MusicCore or Inkigayo)

8. Taking a picture on Coffee Prince’s cafe down the MBC station

9. Don’t forget hanbok…one silk hanbok to go please…

10. Buy a lotere…

11. Since it’s winter…perhaps, ice skating (optional)

12. Visit the Goong (Gyeongbok Palace)

13. Don’t forget make an appointment and meet with Aarti Swain

14. Go to at least one musical in the theatre

15. Dohhh…Namsan Tower is a must! And also Namsan Cable Car..

16. Go to at least one museum.

17. Lotte World..(optional)

18. Namdaemun market…(hunting for a cap, tasting mandoo guk-dumpling soup and bindae duk-skillet-fried mung-bean pancake)

19. A sweater and a jacket @ itaewon.

20. An evening stroll down the Cheonggyecheon Stream

21. Register for Seoul Tour City Bus

22. HongDae……enjoy the indie music..yeah

23. Go to Pamunjom, the coupd’etat village between North Korea n South Korea. Take a picture with North Korea’s soldier…lol

24. Traditional Tea House, Yet Cha Jip, @ Insa-dong District

25. The cool fountain in front of City Hall Square (don’t forget to bring change clothes and towel)

26. How can I forget…..Spa and the 24 hours sauna, also the public bath house…lol

27. Perhaps get a temporary an ahjumma (definitely an optional)

Ps: Must remember to take a picture as evidence.

Planned Days : 9 Days

Planned Budget : 3000 SGD (2.6 million krw)

Target reached so far : 33%

Transportation Cost (SG-Seoul) : 1000 SGD.

Transportation Cost (Seoul-Jeju Do) : 300 SGD

Accomodation Cost (7 Days in Seoul) : 140,000 krw (7*20,000 krw @

Accomodation Cost (3 Days, 2 Nights in Jejudo) : 100 SGD (2*50 SGD @

Things that I must bring :

– Bible and my ODB

– 1 big towel, 1 small towel, handkerchieves

– 1 bed sheet, 1 pillow case, 1 bolster case

– 1 sarong, or small blanket

– thick jackets, scarf, socks, gloves, undies

– my minihp, and it’s adaptor

– my digicam, empty the memory, 2 pack of batteries, charger

– my polaroid and lots…lots of film packages

– 3 jeans, 1 skirt, 12 tshirts/shirts

– 1 flat boots, 1 sandal, 1 skeechers

– 1 bottle drink, medium size

– 2 tupperwares, mediumand large size

– Liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, moisturizer, lip gloss (all in small size)

Motto..motto : Love budgets, Saving comes first than spending, No expensive coffees on working days, No luxury dining on working days, Save…save… you can travel the world. Amen.

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