For My Beloved Mom and Dad

Almost midnight here, and I am terribly missing you, both.

Hoping and praying that you both are okay, and keep healthy as always.



For the past times when I was a little baby, how you both took care of me, I feel so grateful.

For the past times when I was a little girl, how you both taught me how to write and to read. And you, Dad, for giving the most honorable place, your lap, to this little girl. I am so thankful.

For the past times during my teenage years, how you both put up with my rebellion and hurtful words that came out of my mouth, but still, during the worst time in my life, you both were there and never turned your back on me, I, this wrench daughter of yours, sincerely want to say thank you.

During my second year in senior high school, how you cried, my Mom cried, because I got rank 17th, the lowest rank ever in my academic year. I did remember that I got mad at you, when the truth was I also felt so disappointed with myself, and wanted to say sorry to you, but I just had no courage to say it.

For the times when I was in college, and you both gave up your pleasure and put priority to my needs. Thank you for that.

And Mom, remember that afternoon, when you told me that you changed your mind about continuing your study and get bachelor degree, because you think about me and my brother and my sister. Because you think better use the money for our education. Remember that afternoon, Mom? Perhaps, you don’t remember. But I do, I do remember.

And Dad, remember that night, when you told us how hard it was for you to go to school. That even your own parents couldn’t afford your high school tuition money, and you must worked after school in a local market, so you would have money for your school fees. How hard it must be for you, right? And how you never let us to experience such hardships in our life, from kindergarten to college. Because you know how hard that kind of life, that’s why you worked so hard so we’ll live comfortable. My dad, my great and hard working dad.

I did remember your words for me when you were giving me Ayam na Ni Atur. That I must:

– Live my life orderly

– To be humble and don’t be arrogant

– To respect and appreciate everyone

I do remember that, and I live day by day following that words of yours.

And next year, next year… just watch me, Mom, Dad.

When I start my master programme…

Again, I will make you both proud of me.

Watch me, Mom, Dad.

Watch how I will, step by step, getting closer to that goal.

And you both will widely smile. That you both will proudly say to others, “That….”, point your finger at me, “That is our daughter.”

And Jesus too, proudly He will said,

“That she is, my bride…”


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