Old Hang Out Friends at New Place, New Home

Friends definition : people/person who will be there for you, you don’t have to be physically meet them, in everyday of your life, the point is, you know they are there, as the invisible forces that keeps pushing you to a better path, to a better life, sharing a better perspectives, laughing together, crying together, even hmm…cursing together… and feel guilty together after that.

And the Seven of Us, or should I say, the Se7en Warrior Princess-es…..we move on….

One step ahead, leaving the world where hurtful words are so easily said.. we move on, to build our own new world, our own dreamland, our own neverland, where we are allowed to be childish ( as childish as an infant ), where we are allowed to share about everything ( from the good, the bad and the worst ), where we can be….just we.








We’re playing around at our new playground




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