To : Annanuna

There was once this little girl, who has just opened her eyes for the wonder of KPop n KDrama. She was busy….. collecting informations about the KPop n KDrama wonders. But, all those informations were using other language. It’s not that she doesn’t know the language, but it’s not her native language. At that time, she was wondering, if anyone with her native language already taste the wonder of KPop n KDrama. So, she may have chit-chat friends, someone to whom she can share about everything from KPop  n KDrama wonders. So, she can get angry, can giggle together, can gossip together with all these new friends, friends so that she can share the wonders and multiply the happiness it brings.

And suddenly, she just landed on the world of KI. She puts her first step carefully, checking the land that sounds familiar to her ear. “Those people are speaking in my language!”, there she yells. And since that, she devotes her time in that land.

But the storm is coming out, it threatens the peace of the land. And the land’s ruler decided to leave her mighty position, the land ruler decided that the time for her to share the wonders has reached the end.

S-h-e   l-e-f-t,   r-i-g-h-t    b-e-f-o-r-e   t-h-e    s-t-o-r-m.

After the storm, some of the village elders were trying to rebuild the land. They scouted new citizens, designated new officials. And when the peace is about to settle in the rebuilt land.

The ex-ruler comes back, proudly she declares herself as the greatest.

“Just opened KI again for a while, try hard newbie, I know your writing skill suck so there is no comment, beat my old team if you can :)”.

“It is a piece of junk now.”

It breaks everyone’s heart. Including the little girl’s heart and also the elders. Even one of the elders was crying because of that.

Suddenly the little girl’s heart is wondering. So many questions run wild in her mind.

“Why are you saying that?”

“What do you think of us now?”

“If you were hurt in the past because someone criticized your writing, don’t you think that we can hurt too?”

“If our writing skills are suck, then shouldn’t YOU (who thinks her writings are such a perfect skill) tell us what we should do to fix that?”

“Isn’t it hurting you that you hurt your two-years-old-baby with such hurtful words..?”

Even we, the newcomer, feel hurt because of that words, how come you don’t have a tiny bit of care, of love to that baby?

We’re the newbies…so many things to learn, so many new things we want to achieve, so many things we want to share……it’s that hard to give us a bit of support, a bit of positive advices, a bit of positive energy, a bit of love and care as our sunbae….is it that hard?

With words you can break down someone’s mentality..with words you can build someone’s mentality…the options are in your hand. Whether you want to build or you want to destroy.

Indeed, the tongue has no bones in it….but it’s sharper than any knives in this world…

Don’t you think…you are responsible for your words, since you are an adult now?

And you… you have lost one of your admirer.


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