Counting 2 Days to Day H….

Hmmm….the moving abroad effects:

1. getting late, waking up in the morning….with cloudy mind…”in which country am I today?”…after a while…”ahh..still in Indonesia..”

2. getting late to office, soon, it won’t be your office anymore….bad thought..

3. craving for any favorite local food….afraid that you may not have the chance to eat them again..

4. seeing faces of your family and starting to think “is this the best way?”…another bad thought..

5. tolerating traffic jam…perhaps…a good thought..

6. making what-to-do list, packing, hate to do it…eventhough I’m very good at it.

7. getting lazier to do..almost everything..including posting to KI.

8. thinking how I can smuggle my dvds collection without getting caught by immigration..

9. getting headache because you have too many things to pack in such a small bag and starting to wish that you have the shrink-spotlight from doraemon…so that you may shrink all your stuff and just put them in your pocket.

10.Activate your international roaming phone,laptop,modem,handphone, mp3,their charger, external burner, and etc…and etc..

11. Hunt a room, remember to ask light cooking allow or not, fridge, washing machine, bath room,internet access….

Getting crazy….for this list… suitcases are dirrrty..

Be still my soul…be calm my soul…

You still have 40 hours…


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