Counting 3 Days to Day H….Leaving for Singapore

It’s not that I don’t love you Indonesia….

I do…. I do love you.

It’s just….I’m a dream chaser.

Please let me spread my wings and fly.

Please let me see what kind of the world that I’m currently living in.

Please let me see how others live in their own country.

I’m young, full of curiousity, and naive.

Let me taste the world with my own tongue.

Let me step my feet into a brand new country.

Let me breathe new air into my lungs.

Let me have this one-tastic journey of my life.

And knowing that you will always be there…waiting for me, waiting the old me.

The old-and-tired-but-fully-refreshed me.

And when I go back, I will proudly say,

“나 왔어”


“I’m Home”,

“Saya Pulang”…

And by then, I will know, that I’m finally….at home.

To: Indonesia, with all my love


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