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Pagi Ini…Kupilih Bahagia

Posted in Feelings on October 21, 2010 by altins

Pagi ini….bangun kepagian dan ketiduran lagi….akhirnya jadi telat bangun..

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pagi ini…..jam 6 dah ribut2x di rumah…perihal hal remeh2x

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pagi ini….jadi agak telat berangkat ke kantornya…dah super duper macet jalan di depan

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pagi ini…bisnya agak lama datengnya….

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pagi ini….jadwal deadline tugas di project menumpuk

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pagi ini….kudengar berita tetangga sebelah “mencuri” postingan daku untuk KoreanIndo, juga tidak pakai credit ke source aslinya…

Tapi…kupilih untuk bahagia

Pikirku…mereka bisa mencuri, bisa merasa berkompetisi…tapi biarlah. Kulakukan ini bukan untuk siapa paling banyak dikunjungi, siapa paling banyak posting-an. Tapi berita berkualitas apa yang bisa kusampaikan, berita jenis apa yang ingin kuberitahukan, apa yang kutahu dan ingin kubagikan. Curilah, Ambillah, tapi satu hal yang pasti, ide….. kreativitas….. fun….. kebahagiaan…. kesenangan ada disini ( tunjuk ke hati )….. dan disini ( tunjuk ke otak )….

Protected: Omo…..I’m a female version of Lee Seon Joon..Crap…

Posted in Thoughts on October 14, 2010 by altins

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Retracing back my songs collection

Posted in Music on October 9, 2010 by altins
1 (OST. 200 Pounds Beauty) Kim Ah Jung – Byul
2 (OST. Bad Family) Dynamic Duo – Nal Dalm Eun Geu Dae
3 (OST. Boys Before Flowers) A’st1 – Ashwioon maeumingeol/Yearning of the Heart
4 (OST. Boys Before Flowers) T’Max – Nappeun Maeuneul Meoggehae (Fight Bad Feelings)
5 (OST. Coffee Prince) 더 멜로디 (The Melody) – Polly Song
6 (OST. Escape from Charisma/Legend of Seven Cutter) Rich – All For You
7 (OST. Full House) Byul – I Think I
8 (OST. Full House) Noel – Chin Goo Ran Mal
9 (OST. Goong Palace) HowL & J – Perhaps Love
10 (OST. Love Story in Harvard) Kim Jeong Un – So In Love
11 (OST. My Girl) Mi Ya – Stay by My Side
12 (OST. Prosecutor Princess) Monday Kiz – Goodbye My Princess
13 (OST. Smile, You) 멜로 브리즈(Melo’ Breeze) – 기다릴 뿐이야
14 (OST. Spring Waltz) Loveholic – One Love
15 (OST. Style) Kim Jin Pyu (ft. Haneul) – Tell Me
16 (OST. Style) Ryu Si Won (ft. Kim Jin Pyu) – You & I
17 (OST. Tamna the Island) Jane Park – Ieosana (이어사나) (Ending Theme)
18 (OST. The Vineyard Man) Kim Jong Eun – I Want To Get Close
19 (OST. What’s up Fox) Lee Sang Kyung – Like Me
20 (OST. When It’s At Night) Jang In (ft. Bizzy) – Geurae Nareul Mitja
21 (OST. Wonderful Life) Marry-M (메리 엠) – Babo (바부)
22 (OST. You’re Beautiful) Oh Won Bin ft. Miss $ – Descend from the Sky
23 (OST. You’re Beautiful) Park Sang Woo – Fool
24 2PM – All Night Long
25 2PM – Back To You
26 2PM – Intro
27 2PM (ft. Yoon Eun Hye) – Tik Tok
28 BigBang – We Belong Together
29 BoA (ft. Super Junior ShinDong) – Eve’s Warning
30 Epic High – Love Love Love
31 Ilac – Footloose
32 Ilac (ft. Kim Dong Hee) – I Want You
33 Ilac (ft. Mazik Flow) – Tears Bursting
34 Ilac (ft. Zi-A) – You & I
35 Ilca (ft. Brand New Day ChaeRin) – I’ve Found a Comfortable Person (편한 사람이 생겼어)
36 IU (ft. 2AM SeuLong) – Nagging (잔소리)
37 Kim Hyun Joong – Please, Be Nice to Me
38 Lee Seung Gi (ft. Bizniz) – Will You Marry Me?
39 Lotte Duty Free Artist – So I’m Loving You
40 MC Mong – I Love You, Oh Thank You
41 Park Sae Byul – Can You Hear Me?
42 Park Sae Byul – Maybe It’s Love
43 Seo In Gook – Calling You
44 Seo In Gook – Saranghae U
45 Seo In Gook (ft. Bekah – AfterSchool) – At First Sight
46 Seo In Gook (ft. RiSa) – Prime Time
47 SHINee – AMiGo
48 SHINee – A-Yo
49 SHINee – Love’s Way
50 SHINee – Lucifer
51 SHINee – Nunna Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)
52 SHINee – One For Me
53 SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
54 SHINee – Up & Down
55 SNSD – Run Devil Run
56 SS501 – Crazy 4 You
57 SS501 – Let Me Be The One
58 SS501 – Love Like This
59 SS501 – Love Ya
60 Super Junior – All My Heart
61 Super Junior – Angela
62 Super Junior – Beautiful
63 Super Junior – Haengbok
64 Super Junior – Happy Together
65 Super Junior – Insomnia
66 Super Junior – It’s You
67 Super Junior – Marry U
68 Super Junior – Me
69 Super Junior – Miracle
70 Super Junior – No Other
71 Super Junior – Reset
72 Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
73 Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Answer
74 Super Junior – Tic! Toc!
75 Super Junior – Twins ~Knockout~
76 Super Junior – Victory
77 Super Junior – Who am I?
78 TaeYang – Solar (Intro)
79 TaeYang – Wedding Dress
80 V.O.S – Beautiful Life
81 Younha – Johahae (좋아해)
82 Ze:A – Love Coach
83 8ight – Star
84 SHINee – Hello
85 (OST. Dr.Champ) Bobby Kim – Fall In Love With You
86 (OST. Dr.Champ) Wheesung – My Way

Be Still My Soul

Posted in Feelings on October 1, 2010 by altins

Be Still My Soul……

Be Still….

Accept it, my soul, accept it….

For in failure, I will learn persistence….

For in failure, I will learn humbleness….

For in failure, I will learn obedience….

For in failure, I will learn how to learn….

For in failure, I will learn how to listen….

For in failure, I will learn how to be patient….

For in failure, I will learn how to stop for a while and take a deep breath before continuing the journey ahead….

For in failure, I will be assured that no matter how hard it is,

YOU are there, to guide me through my darkest hour….

and I will learn how to solely depend on your calloused hands….