They Say

They say that I should put some make up

I say, I am comfortable this way

They say that I should rebond my hair

I say, why even bother that after three months the chemical effect is gone, leaving the traces of dry hair

They say I should change the way I dress myself

I say, why do I have to be some kind of slave to the money-robber-fashion-magazine

They say that I should hang out more

I say, I love to read and watching movies on my own, having some quality time on my own, for my self, why should I join the gossip conversation and spend more money on useless things

They say that I am an ambitious person

I say, I have lots of dreams and wishes and hopes and imaginations. I want to create stories of my life, living my life as if it is a dream, loving every second of it and having fantasies carved on my tomb stone as inheritance for my children, so that they will make their own fantasy life

I am authentic, unique, I am just me, undefined by what you so called standard of beauty

“I want to express my age and be authentic. Why do so many people follow somebody else’s idea of what is attractive?” –Diane Keaton

“This body I know loves to lie stretched on its side, reading… This body I live inside loves to burst into a sprint to retrieve my wallet from the car. To tease the dog with a romp. To dance when no one is home…” — Meredith Hall


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