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Will it kill you if you are polite in the Internet?

Posted in Feelings, Thoughts on July 30, 2010 by altins

(my mumble, my thought, my awakening)

Politeness…..good basic manner….spoken or written….should we throw those things to pigs?

Your words to other will describe what you really think about that person, and it explain what kind of environment where you grew up. Unless, you are two-faced person.

But I wonder, if this is true for written words. People said, and I think this is true too, that words (or is it pen? or is it tongue?) are sharper than knife. It can cut deep, not the bone, not the flesh, but the soul, the passion, the spirit. However, it also can build, build a house, a building, a country, …… a person.


“Jangan kamu menghakimi, supaya kamu tidak dihakimi. Karena dengan penghakiman yang kamu pakai untuk menghakimi, kamu akan dihakimi dan ukuran yang kamu pakai untuk mengukur, akan diukurkan kepadamu.” (Matius 7:1-5)

Yes, I am a religious person. Maybe, I am being judged now, because once, I judged someone. But as long as I can remember, every time, someone ask my opinion, I will try to answer honestly in encouraging way, in a positive way. I believe that if someone do their best in one thing, the result is still the best. It’s the way I am raised by my parents. To be a positive person, to have hope, to do my best in everything, to set my own standard.

Gah…my mind is blank now, feeling down and a-quarter-heart-broken. Should I continue or quit? Should I stop or keep move on? Should I…

But then, who is this person? I don’t even know him/her. What right does he/she have to say those words to me? (that I have to put his/her opinion about me, above my own opinion about myself). I don’t even know his/her name, age, address, cell number, favorite food, favorite drink. Hell, he/she doesn’t even in my very-very-important-people-in-my-life-list. So, why should I give attention to what he/she types.

A sudden thought comes, it’s because the negativity that got me down. After 1 or 2 hours that I spent in my precious-24-hours-life-a-day to write those things, suddenly it means nothing. Heck, I invest MY TIME in it. MY TIME that is not REFUNDABLE. If I have 60-hours-time-in-a-day, I will definitely write more, review more drama, more movies, I will absolutely give more, because it’s my commitment to give back to K-addict-society. And I’m trying to stick to that commitment.

Will it really kill you if you are polite and positive to others?

Should I curse back? saying negative words back to him/her. Hell no..that’s not me. Don’t worry whatever-your-name-is-and-wherever-you-are. You can be as negative as you can. You can judge anyone as bad as you like. But, it won’t get me. Why? Because, your negative-ness that you throw to me, I will…I will change it into something positive. Something positive that I can use to build myself to be a better person, a better character.

No, I won’t quit this path I’ve taken. I will stick to my commitment, and wear it proudly like a badge on my arm. No, I don’t do it to prove myself to you. I don’t need to prove anything to you. Why? Simply, because you are a nobody. And it is solely because my respect to the world of writing, because my enjoyment that I get from the world of K-entertainment, I will continue this path. Because, I think, it’s time for me now, to give back to others.


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