Not fun anymore

This blog is closing down…(I mean it won’t be opened for public anymore)

Since there is no fun if people is reading what I write…

This is what I think..

When I type something… it means I pour information that I know in it…

Information is fact or data about something (Oxford Pocket Dictionary Definition). When someone read information, the person can gain information and enrich their knowledge. Knowing about something, that previously the person doesn’t know. Knowledge is one form of power.

In blog, people is writing about themselves. It means the person is giving others power. Power to build you up or tear you down.

But, since I write because of my passion to the world of writings and for my own pleasure. I won’t stop here. I will write for myself somewhere, in the hidden and the most secret and the darkest place of my own. Where I am the empress, I have the freedom to pour every word I want, without I have to worry about someone else’s opinion. The new refugee for my hidden thoughts.

* Case closed *


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